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I am the primary laborer on the Parallax Project. I draw all the comic pages.
You can email me at or AIM me at masterpayroo. You can also find other stuff I draw at my DeviantArt.

Payroo's blurb was kinda boring, so here's a little more on herself. She thinks up the weird ideas. :D


This is Caronee talking for Anbumoo. Anbumoo loves Rhys. Anbumoo is the art consultant and story creator for Rhys as well as things that Caronee never gave consent like the manly men. Note to readers, anything to do with manly men was the creation of Anbumoo and Payroo. All Caronee did was the basic storyline, as well as Jakk's entire past.

Heya! This is anbumoo talking for anbumoo! >D What Caronee said up there was pretty much all correct. Well, I'm sort of an "editor", I suppose you can say. Caronee and Payroo run stuff through me, I give them my opinion, and they do it anyway. >D We make up a weird but awesome trio.

Some of the stranger ideas are egged on by me. Strangely enough, Payroo and I (a little bit) have the talent of making Caronee's ideas more... interesting. Haha.

Well, anyway, I'll be on and off posting a little bit of art here and there, so keep an eye out! Thanks for visiting us, and hope you continue traveling with Lanat and company on their awesome adventure! >D


I am caronee! often called caro for short, although caronee is pretty short itself.

Anyways, I created the original idea behind Parallax but it is a project made with the contribution of all three.

The three of us all created each of the main characters, Lanat Atis, Rhys Euleanding, and Jakk whose last name will be revealed later.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading Parallax up till now and continue to be with us till the edge of the world.

acknowledgments. Thanks to keviokevio for web help and to all our fans for reading!