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Character Profiles


This is Lanat Atis.

Born in a small, outcast town named Khios, Lanat Atis has tried his best to fend for himself and his ailing mother. From working as a miner to a maid, poor Natty has done it all. Despite the hardships he has had to overcome, the lovable nineteen year old has still retained the perfect qualities that every female desires: kindness, compassion, and bashfulness. His naivety is only compelling, and his earnestness has melted many an iron heart. Beautiful and elegant, albeit a bit awkward socially, Lanat Atis continues to charm and bring happiness, joy, and lust to others


  Poki Eulanding

Although she is merely Rhys' adopted daughter, Poki has certainly inherited some of his (somewhat) insane traits. Cheerful, upbeat, and ridiculously hyper, Poki Eulanding is the party's ray of light. Like a bubbly bubble, she is forever effervescent, and runs around forcing everyone to smile. Ever since she was a youngster, Poki has been endlessly pampered by a well-off Rhys, and has learned to live extraordinarily positively. In bird form, her glorious pearl and rainbow colored feathers serve to light up the shoulder on which she perches. In human form, her sleek, shimmering white hair and beautiful gravity-defying rainbow bangs serve to perplex curious onlookers. Regardless of what form she chooses, the beloved and adorable Poki Eulanding shall always be an icon of happiness for our weary wanderers.